Fix This Now

 I’ve watched, and waited for someone to make sense of the government shutdown and after hearing all sides, I can only say one thing for sure. People are being hurt, and it’s EVERYONES fault in Washington. Despite my Liberal leanings, it’s clear to me that ALL sides are playing politics with this.  Democrats see a chance to flex their muscles, Tea Partiers think they forced something good, and mainstream Republicans are trying to spin things—well I’m not sure WHAT the GOP mainstream is doing right now. But the bottom line remains. This is fixable. You all KNOW it’s fixable. You all KNOW what to do to fix it. So do it! You were elected to serve the people. Cutting off funding for social programs and playing politics isn’t what we voted for. SERVE HONORABLY. Politics has gotten a bad rap for years because greed and graft have pervaded the profession. For once we ask you to do the right thing and THIS is what happens?  All of those in Washington should be ashamed of what they haven’t done. They haven’t done their job, and they haven’t remotely done the right thing.  For once just try to put aside partisanship, and prejudice, and yes greed. FIX THIS! NOW!  


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