My New Friend Harry

As a man I his early 50’s I think I’m safe in saying I am not exactly the target demographic for the novels of J.K. Rowling.  Those tales featuring the boy-wizard Harry Potter have captivated millions, but I really had no interest in those when they were originally published.  Oh, I was aware of the phenomenon of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hogwarts, but had no idea what was actually detailed in the books. Until now.

 Recently, I was challenged to read all the Potter novels by someone much younger than me, and I responded to that challenge with a half-hearted “okay”. But a promise is a promise, so I embarked on the journey with Harry Potter and his friends.

 While I wasn’t expecting much to entertain a guy of my–uhhhm EXPERIENCE–I have to admit I was wrong. I was fortunate to have all the Potter books available at once. So, I was able to take the entire trip virtually without stopping. I found the story to be very well thought out and nothing if not entertaining. It was a rollicking up and down ride with a lot of twists I didn’t see coming.

 Now it’s true when I tell you I’m not obsessed by the books at all, but I was thoroughly entertained during the time it took to read them. I understand how kids got into these and how Potter and Rowling became cultural touchstones for a generation. I get it. Most of all, I appreciate the effort it took Rowling to create the world of Potter and friends. Anything that gets a kid to pick up a book is a great thing. Harry Potter is just that.

Now I will return to my History, and non-fiction, but will try to never be closed-minded again.


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