Trump-Boor and A Bore

I’ll preface this by admitting I have a case of insomnia tonight, so I figured the best way to tire myself out would be to vent about Donald Trump. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of his carny act and sideshow. Trump has done exactly what I feared. He has turned an election campaign into a running reality show, and a lousy one at that. BTW–I’m going to use a few not-so-polite words here, so if you take offense to that sort of thing please be forewarned.

It’s bad enough that he can’t articulate any coherent policy planks, but he gets downright belligerent if he’s questioned about it at all. Here’s a news flash Donald. Running for President means you get tough questions, and eventually, you’ll be forced to answer, or take a position. Hell, running for Dog Catcher means the same thing nowadays, so you shouldn’t act surprised and offended when you get called out for your sheer nincompoopery as you stagger through a non-answer, and then act like you’re a victim just because you did a lousy job of replying. Buck up buttercup.

But what really has begun to grate on me even more than his obliviousness to really taking positions, is his total lack of finesse or couth when it comes to his public utterances. His recent words disparaging fellow candidate Carly Fiorina are a new low. Now THAT is an accomplishment. In fact every time I think the bar can go no lower, Trump manages to dig a trench and drop it a few more notches. When are voters and the public in general going to wise up, and let this buffoon know enough is enough?

Trump has managed something I thought was impossible. He manages to be a Boor, and a Bore simultaneously. His boorish behavior in throwing around insults to whomever even slightly disagrees with him, is something like I have never witnessed. The words that come from this incredible egotist would get any 21 year-old college student thrown out of any fraternity in America, but when The Donald says them, his poll numbers rise.

But here’s the thing. He MUST continue to do it. Because without the bombast, bullshit, and general dipshittery he regularly displays, he’s boring as hell. Yes I said boring. How interested do you think most Americans would find him to be if he was just the run-of-the-mill rich, white Republican?  Of course not. Without the bombast and chest-thumping, Trump has no ammo.

It’s also worth asking just how badly we want a President whose main debate tactic seems to involve calling those who disagree with him losers, and who regularly shows his hubris and bad behavior while on the campaign trail. Although I admit on a personal level, I’d love to see what happens when he calls Vladimir Putin a loser and, a nobody when they are negotiating face-to–face.

While I’m at it, let’s just make one more point. Attending a military school for a few years does not make you intimately familiar with how the REAL military operates. You didn’t go to a real service academy, you went to New York Military Academy and The University of Pennsylvania. Oh and let’s not forget those four deferments you received to avoid the draft during Vietnam. Not great credentials to claim you’re a military expert.

As far as I can tell, aside from getting rich from old family money, and doing well in real estate, it looks to me like your main credential is shameless self-promotion. After all, not everyone has the nerve to slap his name on everything he owns, along with displaying a massive lack of taste, and a tackiness level that is off the charts when it comes to being garish.

Oh, btw one other little tidbit for you to chew on. All those buildings around that have TRUMP plastered across them in 90 foot high letters? He doesn’t really own most of them. He licenses his name for use on them so other developers can try to ride his tacky coattails to the promised land. He also has filed corporate bankruptcy more than once, but that’s old news. Let’s not forget the 200 undocumented Polish workers who were used to prep the site for Trump Tower back in 1980.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. It’s time for this crap to stop. Trump is interested in Trump. If you really think he gives a sweet damn about people in flyover states, you’re deluded. He wants what they have. Their votes. Once he gets those, he’s done with them. He’s shameless. A huckster. A charlatan. A clown.

A boorish clown who acts no better than a six-year-old throwing a tantrum. Stop responding positively to what this guy is saying and doing-before it’s too late. I suspect the first GOP candidate who has balls enough to challenge him directly and regularly could and would beat him soundly. Now if only there’s one who will take him on.

Step up people.


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