Can Democrats Save The GOP?

After watching the Democratic debate,Tuesday evening, I came to a few conclusions. No hearts and minds will be changed after this one, but we really did LEARN more from this debate, then we did from the first two GOP debates combined. No, there was nothing earth-shattering as far as anything new, or different from the five candidates.

What we did learn is that with a little civility, and real discourse, a candidate can, at the very least, introduce themselves to the voting public. That is something SORELY lacking in any of the GOP events. Most people, including me, attribute that to the Trump Effect., and it would be a correct assumption. Trump is nothing if not entertaining, but it’s a morbid fascination at best. Trump has essentially become the frog-in-a-blender of American politics. Something you never wanted to see or think of, but you can’t stop watching.

I know a LOT of Republicans, and while we have fundamental disagreements on many issues, MOST of the friends I have in the GOP are aghast at what’s been happening on the campaign trail. The race has become a bad reality show with Trump’s ego as the star. Pretty much what I had feared would happen all along if he ran for the Presidency. The worst part of this isn’t that the Republicans could lose the White House because of the antics of Trump and others. The worst part is that these so-called candidates are doing so much damage to the GOP, that the party may never recover. Add to this, the fact that Republicans can’t come together long enough to agree on a Speaker Of The House, and the GOP is being torn asunder from within.

We already know the Dems and GOP will never have anything in common politically, but the Republicans need to take a long, hard look at their party opposites when it comes to civility, cooperation, and most importantly–respect. Whether they agreed or not last night, the Democrats in the debate respected each other’s opinion and gave each other a chance to actually speak in complete sentences. Voters remember this kind of thing, and trust me when I tell you the Democrats are already burning the midnight oil in churning out the opposition research.

Soon enough, ALL of those in the GOP will be facing reelection bids, and this will be the bed they have made for themselves and their colleagues. Forget the substance of last night-such as it really was–and look at the EVENT. Normally, I don’t tout or hype style over substance in any measure, but it matters in this case.

Republicans in Congress…STOP allowing 40 people who are throwing a temper tantrum, to lead you and your party around by the nose. Figure it out, and if you have to,  BUILD a coalition to decide upon a Speaker. Trust me, you’ll get a lot more respect from the masses if that happens.

GOP Candidates–cut out the harangues and the bashing of each other. Learn from what you’ve already done wrong, and watch the Democrats. Like it or not, you CAN learn a thing or two. Democrats may even help save your party.


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