A Vote Against Darkness

I am not going to write anything approaching the profound. I’m just going to say a few things and explain them. Yeah, I am a pinko Liberal so let’s just get THAT out of the way now.

First, let me say this. In recent weeks several friends of mine have urged me to take a stand on a Presidential candidate. It was startling to me that anyone considers my vote and opinion that important.  They know who they are,  and have my thanks, and gratitude. I am–and always have–been honored to call them my friends.

But, I must be honest. It has been a struggle. Originally, I vowed to keep an open mind, and actually listen to each of them before I decided. I actually did that, but as much as I tried–from day one, it was obvious to me whom I would NOT be voting for.

Donald Trump was a non-starter, From the day of his announcement, through the GOP Convention, he has managed to blaze a trail of insults from one end of America to the other. Never in my personal, or professional life, have I experienced a candidate who fosters so much turmoil and discontent–and somehow manages to win the nomination. He has managed to take the heartfelt support of people all over the country, and twist it into something just this side of an unholy mess. If you support Trump, fine. But if I were you, I’d be thoroughly pissed off that he took your honest support, and crapped all over it, and the Republican Party.

As you can tell,  I never made a secret of my distaste for Trump and I won’t now. Until his convention speech, it never dawned on me that he’s simply Nixon without the political acumen. He’s following the Southern Strategy to almost a tee. The difference is he doesn’t have George Wallace protecting his flank. Trump has tapped into the Obama-hating, angry white-guy voting base. Just like Nixon tapped into it after the Civil Rights movement took hold. Frankly, I was a moron NOT to see it before I did.

All of that being the case, then who?

It was initially Bernie Sanders. I liked almost everything about his campaign. The ideas of course, and the renegade aspect had great appeal as well. But as things progressed, and Hillary pulled out to a lead, I noticed a change in Sanders’ base of support. There was almost an undercurrent of malevolence that bothered me then, and still does. The best I can describe it is Liberal Rage.

Rage that anyone would question Bernie’s ideas, and candidacy, and outrage that his supporters were seemingly being marginalized. Certainly understandable, but when you are in the game of national politics,  you need to wear big-boy pants occasionally, and realize you lose more than you win. there was no rigged nomination,  the Super-Delegate process has been in effect since 1984.

We saw this Liberal Rage in the small tantrums they threw at the Democratic National Convention. Fortunately, the practical faction of the Sanders camp prevailed, and Bernie himself displayed the dignity and class that was needed, and has been largely missing during this campaign cycle. Will it be enough to get those people under the Hillary tent? Hard to say for sure, but I believe it will be in the end.

My next flirtation was Gary Johnson. To be completely honest about it, I REALLY think I could and would support Johnson and Bill Weld–if it were any other year.  I’ll agree with one of my Republican friends when he says if Weld were on TOP of that ticket, he’d pull that lever. But this isn’t happening either. (Yes, I do have Republican friends.)

Which brings us to Hillary Clinton. I have never been completely certain about Hillary Clinton. Not about her sincerity. Not always of her innocence in some questionable situations. But I will say this. Hillary has been in the public eye in this country since she worked for the Senate Judiciary Committee investigating Watergate. Yes, there is a lot of smoke and insinuations about her possible conduct and behavior. But in the entire period of time since she emerged. She has been investigated ENDLESSLY, and the Republicans—who did most of the investigating–have never laid a glove on her.

Now you can say what you like about her AND Bill being slippery and able to skate by, but it says to me the Republicans have managed to waste millions of dollars, and manage a seemingly unending wild goose chase and have got NOTHING to show for it. By-the-way, I do not subscribe to the ‘Mysterious Deaths List’, attributed to her and Bill. People die. Frequently. Every day in fact. Over a three-decade career you lose people. Do I think Hillary Clinton is squeaky-clean? Of course not, but she’s no arch-villain either.  I do however, think Trump could easily be mistaken for Lex Luthor in the correct kind of light.

When it comes down to the final vote. The decision for this election, I must admit still being torn. I’m not at all sold on Clinton or Johnson, but Trump is a non-starter. But with his surge and convention performance, he helped me decide.

I have never seen four days like the GOP Convention. Possibly the four darkest days politically since Nixon resigned. (also a GOP Production). I heard nothing positive. That clinched it for me.

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton–but it’s more of a vote against Donald Trump. A vote against darkness.

Oh one more thing. For those who are saying,  “I knew it all along?” No, you didn’t because even I didn’t know for sure until today.  I’m not telling anyone who to vote for. But when I think about being raised by a single-Mom, with my sister, and the remarkable women I have had in my life, I cannot in good conscience allow a Trump candidacy to go unnoticed and un-criticized. But Trump’s misogyny and what seems to be bigotry is not what we as a country need.

I would vote for Johnson, but he has no shot. So I will vote against Trump and For Hillary Clinton.  I am NOT telling you who to vote for. My only request is that you VOTE period. Particularly the down-ticket races. Nothing will ever change if you don’t vote.






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