Election 2016-Historic Beat Down Coming, But I Take No Joy

Before I get blasted as an Uber-Liberal GOP basher, let me just say I have always been an advocate for a healthy multi-party system when it comes to U.S. Politics. Just as I have always been a supporter and believer in our government’s system of checks and balances. One of the reasons I’ve never been particularly upset or concerned about appointees to the Supreme Court, is that usually the court does the job very well, and the way it should be done. Oh, there have been notable exceptions like Citizens United, but on the whole the court usually runs well.

I long for the time when Republicans and Democrats could sit down and compromise, work things out and actually govern.  Alas that time seems to have passed and may never return.  You can speculate all day who’s at fault, but safe to say, there is plenty of blame to go around. I feel for the GOP and Republicans because in these circumstances, Donald Trump is absolutely the wrong candidate to be the party nominee.

Trump is beyond a mistake. He is a bull in a china shop and carnival barker rolled into one being. He’s beyond a bad reality show. Donald Trump is the worst thing to happen to The American Character and American politics since Richard Nixon. He is the Drunk Uncle of the Republican Party. Yet, I hesitate to continue tarring the GOP with this Bozo. He simply chose the GOP to inflict himself upon. What Democrats should be feeling first, and foremost, is relief that he didn’t decide to do it to them.

But none of this is the worst part of the story. The worst part, is that Donald Trump will be dragging the GOP down with his sinking ship. Not just the Presidency. The ENTIRE party. The down-ticket races and possibly even local elections.  If you think the damage he’s caused so far is bad, he still has three months to dig the hole even deeper. There is a very good chance Trump’s candidacy will sink the Senate candidates in nearly every race for the GOP, or at least seriously weaken most of them. With that will come the loss of Senate majority for the GOP. If things go totally in the tank, Hillary Clinton could become President with a Democratic controlled House and Senate, and the possibility of as many as three SUPCO appointees in her first 18 months. (although I think the GOP can and will likely hold the house.)  Think about that Republicans.

As for the Presidential Election? It could be historic in the numbers. The GOP Defeat could be the worst-ever.  But it won’t kill the GOP. It will, however, bomb it back to the stone-age politically. The GOP will find itself in a similar spot as it did in 1961, and throughout most of the 60’s Democrats in the White House, Democrats in the House and Senate all in control. It took decades for the GOP to finally re-emerge. Granted, it could have happened sooner without Nixon and Watergate, but THIS is what the GOP is facing right now.

Despite what those critics of mine claim to know, (they don’t), I am not anti-Republican. What I AM is anti-militant partisanship. Just being angry and mad at others just because they aren’t Republican, (Or other parties).

We need MULTIPLE healthy parties, and right now we don’t have them.




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