Own Your Vote, and Stop Blaming The Media

PREFACE-I’m writing this in the middle of a multi-day headache siege, and I hope it is at least somewhat coherent. If not–sue me. It’s midnight.


So in the past 72 hours, I have heard, and seen numerous people from ALL sides of the political spectrum, claim the media is manipulating news surrounding the Presidential Election. Furthermore there are numerous claims the media and some other sinister people are Brainwashing voters.


After the absolute shit storm of this campaign with thousands of allegations and unfounded rumors, it comes down to blaming the media? AGAIN??!!

Sorry, but we just aren’t that good, folks. Oh sure, I’d love to admit we all have regular meetings and assemble secretly to conspire against EVERYONE, but you and I both know it’s just not so.

It finally comes down to this. If you’re paranoid, think everyone is out to ruin you, and this country, and steal your vote, then it’s your own fault. TV’s have an on/off switch. So do radios. Newspapers can be folded or just lie unpurchased. Computers can be ignored.

If you feel like the electoral process has been hijacked and stolen from you by the media–it’s YOUR FAULT. Why? Because if you are so weak-willed and small-minded that you can’t defend your true beliefs, and back-up your so-called ideals, then it’s YOUR FAULT

Why? Because you read. watch, hear, and read what you want to, when you want to, on your own terms, and it applies equally to ALL sides of the political spectrum.

The overriding theme of this campaign isn’t mud, deception, or even Democrat versus Republican. It’s people using the philosophy of convenience. What is that you ask? It’s really very simple. It’s the overwhelming number of voters and citizens who somehow manage to ignore and submerge their own set of values and beliefs to back a candidate, just because it’s convenient.

I’m really going to be interested to hear just how many voters truly express remorse for how they have acted, voted , and lied to themselves, in a post-election self-examination. Because¬†that’s what is happening all over the country. People lying to themselves to justify a vote.

What the hell has happened to us?


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