Election ’16–Purging The Toxins

Since last Tuesday, I have been struggling with many questions, just as I know many others are doing right now. But I’m not quite as worried as some people believe I should be, given the outcome of the election. I hope I can explain this without sounding like an apologist or wishy-washy. Am I happy Donald Trump has been elected? No. Of course not. But the total gloom and doom isn’t something I agree with or believe.

The one, overriding thing everyone needs to remember is that this is how our country works. America can’t be satisfied. Someone, in every city you visit, is upset at any given moment with the President, or government. The end result of this is that during periodic election cycles, The United States has to throw-up all over itself, and expel the toxins.

THAT’S why we have upheavals, and 180 degree turnarounds in our leadership preferences. Every administration, no matter their political bent, eventually wears out the welcome and voters make changes. Pay attention to what I wrote in that last phrase. THE VOTERS MAKE CHANGES.

We saw it with Barack Obama, when millions showed up to elect him twice.  We also saw it with George H.W. Bush who lost to Bill Clinton in an election that he should have won easily. We saw it with Jimmy Carter who lost in a landslide to Ronald Reagan. Sooner or later the country convulses and either burps or pukes. and we force change. It’s always difficult for someone. The Left or Right always will have discontented people. It’s the price of change. But discontentment can, and has forced people to sit up and notice what they either did wrong, or how they can become stronger.

I’ve also been telling fearful people that the peaceful transfer of power is THE hallmark of our country and signals the rest of the world that, no matter how it might seem to them, we got it right in our system of government.

As for the balance of power in the Supreme Court. I’m not that concerned. First of all, no one has died or retired yet.  Second, the Court normally gets it right. Oh sure they still screw up. Citizens United leaps to mind. But once a Justice walks into the building, they work, and rule via rule of law–and this is important–by citing precedent. One thing to know is that the Supreme Court is loathe to even consider cases that were already decided by their own body.  You have to keep in mind that the current court upheld Obamacare, and handed down the Obergfell Decision (gay marriage). Something few expected with Conservative  Chief Justice Roberts at the helm of the court. Roberts even cast the swing vote on Obamacare.

As for obliterating all of the changes made by the Obama Administration? Some of it might be affected, but the wholesale steamrolling simply will not be nearly as likely to happen. Primarily because the GOP won’t have the 60 seat bulletproof Senate majority they really need to accomplish that.

In short–the sky ain’t falling, and there’s no real dictatorship on the horizon. Just as there was none on the horizon for the GOP when Obama was elected. Take a breath folks. No matter which side you choose, there’s a lot of work to be done.

There are storm clouds. But if things get screwed up, use your vote. Brandish your vote like the weapon it really is.


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